‚ÄčThe Auxiliary Ministries of the A.B.S.A

Indiana State Christian Education Department
Suffragan Bishop Eddie Robinson, Aux. Dir.
Elder Marcus Russell, president

Indiana State Deaf Ministry
Elder Albert Baker, Aux. Dir.
Evangelist Bertha Brown, president

Indiana State Health Professionals Auxiliary
Suffragan Bishop Leonard Scott, Aux. Dir.
Sister Pearline Moreland, president

Indiana State Home Missions Ministry
Suffragan Bishop Melvin Falkner, Aux. Dir.

Indiana State Men's Ministry
Suffgn. Bishop Jerry Wright, Aux. Dir.
Elder Tim Wellington, president


Indiana State Minister of Music
Suffragan Bishop Jeffery Brandon

Indiana State Ministers' Wives and Widows Aux.
Dr. Jane Sims, Aux. Dir.
Evg. Mitzi Falkner, president

Indiana State Missionary and Christian Women Aux.
District Elder Juan Sanchez, Aux. Dir.
Evg. Andrea Brandon, president

Indiana State Program Committee
Suffragan Bishop Wendell C. Chinn, Sr., chairman

Indiana State Protocol Director
Suffragan Bishop G. Victor Morrisey

Indiana State Single Peoples Association
Elder Frank Griffin, Aux. Dir.
Evg. Terri Roddie, president


Indiana State Ushers Ministry
Dist. Eld. Charles Hines, Aux. Dir.
Sister Miriam Starks, president

Indiana State Pentecostal Young People's Union
Dist. Eld. Alfred Amos, Aux. Dir.
Minister Carlton Amos, president