The Apostolic Bible Students Association (A.B.S.A.) of Indiana is the 4th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (P.A.W.), the oldest Oneness Pentecostal organization in existence, founded in 1906, and re-organized as a Oneness Pentecostal organization in 1915.  The PAW was originally headquartered at Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California, moved to Oregon, and eventually moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where it was legally incorporated and remains today.

The A.B.S.A. was founded by Presiding Bishop G.T. Haywood in March of 1924 and had Bishop Karl Franklin Smith as it’s first leader (diocesan).

This august body of Pentecostal assemblies in the state of Indiana has a distinguished history, boasting such exemplary leadership as Bishop Karl F. Smith, Bishop Oscar (Sin-Killin’) Sanders, Bishop James Edison Tyson (twice), Bishop Charles Watkins, Bishop Charles A. Sims, and now the very distinguished Bishop Charles M. Finnell.

Certainly the Lord Jesus Christ has done and shall continue to do mighty works for the Kingdom of God in the state of Indiana through the Apostolic Bible Students Association!

​ The Regions of the A.B.S.A Council

Region 1. - North Eastern Region
Suffragan Bishop Melvin Falkner

Region 2. - North Western Region
Suffragan Bishop
Donsero Reynolds

Region 3. - Northern Region
Suffragan Bishop Jerry D. Wright

​Region 4. - Central Region A
Suffragan Bishop G. Victor Morrissey 

Region 4. - Central Region B
Suffragan Bishop Dr. Thomas E. Griffith

Region 5.- Southern Region
Suffragan Bishop Wendell Chinn

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