Subject: There's a SCAM going around !

Praise the Lord dear Pastors of the ABSA,
The purpose of this communication is to inform you that there is a scam going around which is affecting several of our good hearted pastors in the PAW, and it has even hit close to home - one of our ABSA pastors just a few days ago.  
Unfortunately, one of our ABSA pastors became the victim of a SCAM by some con artists, and one of them  even disguised his voice as that of the Honorable Bishop Richard Young, the First Assist-Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. After our pastor gave these individuals a very large sum of money, who claimed they were broke down on the side of the highway, on their way to his city and his church, he found out he had been taken advantage of.  In their efforts to convince the good pastor that things were legitimate they even had someone get on the phone, who claimed to Bishop Richard Young,  to talk to our pastor, affirming that he knew the persons who needed help. Needless to say when the individual didn't show up after he received the money, our ABSA pastor put a call in to the  Bishop Richard Young, and found out that someone had disguised his voice identifying himself as Bishop Richard Young.

Dear pastors please be aware. My advise to you is that you  do not send any money to individuals you don't know.  Please make sure you pray about it and throughly check it out before you act.
We have also received a report that these same con artists called another one of our pastors invoking the name of another pastor in the ABSA, and thank God no money was exchanged. As I previously stated, this kind of thing has been happening throughout the PAW for several years. So BEWARE, BEWARE BEWARE !
Let us be watchful, for the days are evil. 
God Bless you.

† Bishop Charles A. Sims

Diocesan of the ABSA Indiana Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.